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Newland software

What makes Ndevor Ndevor?


Ndevor works with your Newland devices like no other Device Management Software can. It brings you a variety of features to manage both individual devices and larger fleets.


Enrol devices by a simple point and scan system. QR codes link units to specific groups, defined by purpose or location.


Intuitive and powerful online tool to build up profiles of applications and settings. Clone the settings to make changes or enrollment plain sailing.


Instantly get feedback on the stats of your Newland devices. See which and how many of them successfully accepted the profiles you’ve sent them. Monitor downtime of your devices; filter on time scales, groups or hone in on individuals.

Take Command.

Completely control a device, to solve problems or assist users from a remote location. Navigate the entire operating system from a secure log in via desktop or tablet.

User restriction.

Create a streamlined suite of applications to guide the users to access only the right programs on their devices. Whatever management levels your workforce comprises of, they always and only have access to the applications applicable to them.


Lock down a rogue device or routinely add an extra peace of mind to your entire fleet by setting a secure pin password. Fortify your devices by restricting access to settings, applications and websites.


Locate the last known location by pinging a device. Google maps registers each device according to its location va GPS. The standard Ndevor package includes several location pings per month.